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Multi Lat Arm-Laterales y Biceps

Multi Lat Arm-Laterales y Biceps
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The Inflight Multi Lat Arm Machine (CT-MLA) is a compact, multi-functional machine designed to help you get a full arm strength-training workout.  The smart design includes and adjustable seat and easy to use weight system that allows you to perform a variety of exercises.

  • The Inflight Multi Lat Arm Machine makes it easy to sculpt and define the arms and shoulders, and can be used for the lat pull down, mid-row, bicep cur, low-row and the tricep pushdown.
  • The versatile Inflight Multi Lat Arm machine offers exceptional value and quality, thanks to the commercial grade materials and the flexibility that the machine offers.  Having the ability to do multiple exercises in one machine makes the Inflight Multi Lat Arm Machine a great value for your home gym.
  • Designed to work well with minimal maintenance, the Inflight Multi Lat Arm Machine is a great investment in any fitness program.


Inflight Multi Lat Arm Machine Features

The Inflight Multi Lat Arm Machine (CT-MLA) includes features such as a height adjustable pad made from premium foam and a comfortable preacher curl attachment for added functionality, and a more customized strength training experience.  The Inflight Multi Lat Arm Machine is easy to adjust for curls, seated rows and hyper-back extensions, so that you can get the most out of your strength training workout with just few simple adjustments. 

Offering both quality and a versatile design, the Inflight Multi Lat Arm Machine is the perfect addition to a home gym or professional fitness center, as itís designed to stand up to tough workouts every day. 

The machine is finished with a non-corrosive coating that protects it from everyday wear and tear and the commercial grade upholstery is designed to last through regular activity as well.  The Inflight Multi Lat Arm Machine also provides a safe and secure environment, making it easy to get the toned and defined arms youíve always wanted, without risking your safety.


Additional Inflight Multi Lat Arm Machine Features

The Inflight Multi Lat Arm Machineís height-adjustable thigh pad and curl pad add instant stability so that you can move freely by performing smooth, controlled weight lifting movements. 

The molded commercial grade foam-cushioned handles provide added comfort, while extra details like the smooth silver finish and comfortable, molded seat make the Inflight Multi Lat Machine the ultimate weight-training machine for any fitness routine.  The high quality construction and components provide a smooth, quiet movement and precise alignment, every time you use it.


Inflight Multi Lat Arm Machine Warranty

The Inflight Multi Lat Arm Machine (CT-MLA) features a lifetime warranty for the frame, a 1-year warranty for the parts and a 90-day warranty for the upholstery.

MULTI-LAT/ARM 47"(W) x 77.75"(L) x 82"(H) 119cm x 197.5cm x 208cm 404 lbs. (184kg) 
Weight stack 200 lbs. (91kg) 
*Shown with optional shrouds 
 Lat pull down, Mid-row, Bicep Curl, Low-row, Tricep Pushdown. Hyper Back Extension. Height adjustable thigh pad/preacher curl pad with tightening poppin for more stability.


  • Smooth Movement - Extensive use of 1" shafts and ABEC rated ball bearings at exercise pivot points assures smooth movement.
  • Frame - All frames feature 2" x 4" attractive flat oval tubing electrostatically powder coated a rich platinum color that complements modern cardio equipment.
  • Exercise Placards Included - All machines come with easy to understand exercise instruction placards.
  • Grips - Non-absorbent, UV resistant, closed cell foam grips are finished with machined aluminum grip caps to prevent wear while looking great.
  • Comfort - Seat & back pads are 40 - 45 durometer HR foam contoured for comfort and lumbar support with sewn vinyl covers for a tailored look.
  • Steel Weight Plates - The cast steel weight plates are warranted for life against breakage. They move on 1" rubber capped floating guide rods with self-aligning plastic bushings and rubber weight stack cushions at the base to reduce noise.
  • Easy Maintenance - Cable tension is easily maintained with the cam washer above the weight stack.


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